Works for Virtually All Industries

No matter what industry or background, Bluxent’s All-in-One Marketing gives virtually any business the unique ability to customize campaigns with channels and features they need to better connect with customers.  You get all you need in one simple to use interface.  No need to pay for multiple services from multiple providers when you can have a solid All-in-One solution.

Engage your customers and give them incentives to come back.  Since you are reaching an audience that knows you, they’ll be more willing to come back.

Keep your congregation engaged.  Inspire them with a word for the day or let them know of upcoming events directly through their mobile devices.

Engage your customers with mobile coupons and special offers.  Build loyalty programs that keep them coming back.

Expand your services with mobile tools that are effective.  Offer rent-a-campaign mobile tools to your customers and enhance your marketing and outreach efforts.

Extend your services with offers for next visits.  Set automated appointment reminders and decrease no shows.

autodealer01Sell with confidence with tools that your customers know.  Engage your customers with mobile and social tools that are current and effective.

  • Sell more cars & accessories
  • Announce promotions and deals
  • Engage new and existing customers
  • Build positive customer relationships
  • Grow your target contact database



Interested car buyers can get more info on their favorite models with a simple text.



  • Spark word-of-mouth marketing
  • Offer Facebook coupons




Motivate customers to save on car accessories and maintenance services.


Mobile Features


MobileKWMobile Keywords
Instantly collect mobile numbers while distributing hot deals or important information.

SMSBlastSMS Blasts
Send a text message to individual contacts or entire distribution lists at once.

Get your message across with more than just words by sending an exciting picture or video message.

KeywordCaptureMobile Keyword Data Capture
Use automated SMS conversations to collect valuable contact info like names, phone numbers, email, and more.

MobileVotingMobile Voting
Gather valuable feedback from your audience while collecting their mobile numbers at the same time.

MobCouponsMobile Coupons
Boost traffic and sales by sending coupons directly
to your customers’ mobile phones.

Add a fun twist to any event and let your audience text fun messages to a live display screen for all to see.

ApptReminderAppointment Reminders
Reduce missed opportunities and minimize no-shows by sending appointment text reminders.

QRcodesQR Codes
Give your audience immediate access to a variety of different information or direct them to your website with a quick QR code scan.

ShuffleResponderShuffle Responder
Great for a variety of applications like daily jokes or inspirational sayings.


Social Features


FBLikeGatingFacebook Like-Gating
Great for attracting new Facebook fans and offering exclusive promotions.

SocialVotingSocial Voting
Gather valuable data from your Facebook audience and boost visibility with Social Voting.

FBTabEditorFacebook Tab Editor
Create customized tabs (additional web pages) for your Facebook Page.

FBCouponsFacebook Coupons
Spark word-of-mouth-marketing by offering exclusive deals to your fans.


Other Major Channels and Features


VoiceBroadcastVoice Broadcast
Add life to your communications by sending pre-recorded voice messages.

SmartEmailEditorSmart Email
Build effective email campaigns with powerful Smart filters. Schedule messages, track responses and create custom layouts or choose from a library of ready to go designs and templates.

apiDeveloper API
Extend your applications with SMS Text and communications automation with our Application Programming Interface.

CampaingReportsCampaign Reports
View reports on the health of your campaigns as well as open and bounce rates, message delivery success rates, and opt-out summaries.


Extended Services


apiMobile Wep Apps
Get a stronger mobile presence with our cloud and mobile web app development services.

CloudHostingIntegrated Cloud Hosting
Host a website or campaign with our extended cloud hosting services free (included with most Bluxent accounts).