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Take advantage of mobile marketing’s popularity and reach customers no matter where they are.  Run a variety of creative mobile marketing campaigns with attention-grabbing marketing strategies for better reach, visibility, and sales.  Keep your audience engaged, drive traffic, boost revenue, and automatically collect contact information in fun and interactive ways!  Get results fast with robust high-impact features like mobile keywords, QR codes, mobile coupons, appointment text reminders, and more.  Signing up is simple and fast… click here to start!


Did you know that 95% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes without ever going to a junk or trash folder or even being overlooked?  Bluxent is a revolutionary tool with a simple All-In-One interface designed to help you reach 100% of your target audience in their preferred way.  Don’t be left out!  Join the mobile marketing revolution today!


Businesses and organizations no longer have to worry about scattered data, learning different software, or paying various bills.  With Bluxent, everything you need to market and communicate effectively is at your fingertips.  Bluxent’s integration of multiple communication channels, marketing features, contact lists and state of the art API allows you to automate and manage your marketing and communication needs through a simple, integrated and powerful solution.

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Restaurants / Retails Stores / Service Centers / Churches / Schools / Universities / Non-Profits / TV, Radio, Magazine / Ad Agencies / Marketing / Clubs, Promoters / Recruiters / Medical Services / Organizations / Utilities / Manufacturers / Security Service Centers / Warning & Notification Systems